Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Last Exit - Last Exit (1986)


Discordant free jazz-rock madness from an incredible lineup of musicians. Sometimes feels more like no-wave than jazz. Also, just gonna disclose that I've struggled with attention/focus issues for my entire life, and the past week or so has been particularly rough in that regard. And around here, this has taken the form of things getting extra sloppy -- my last two posts were published with spelling errors in their goddamn titles (check the URLs) -- so sorry 'bout that. Onwards and upwards.

Track listing:
1. Discharge
2. Backwater
3. Catch as Catch Can
4. Red Light
5. Enemy Within
6. Crackin
7. Pig Freedom
8. Voice of a Skin Hanger

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  1. Awesome thanks for this!! And thanks for all your post!

  2. I wish the band had stayed together long enough to further develop the more metallic sound of IRON PATH.

  3. "This is dedicated to the South African government, the Israeli government, and those brothas who gon' get your ass on the way home. It's called Stupid Fuck." - Sonny Sharrock, 1988