Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Eric Holm - Andøya (2014)

Massive, reverberating sounds from UK producer Eric Holm. Thunderous rhythms and static-ridden drones echoing through a vast, lightless expanse. From Holm's bandcamp: "Andoya [...] was made from contact mic recordings of pylons carrying communications cables that connected listening stations on an Arctic Norwegian island."

Track listing:
1. Måtinden
2. Stave
3. Åse
4. Kvastinden
5. Høyvika
6. Andøya

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  1. Well that tested my new loudspeakers !.....and will give it another listen on the headphones tonight.......many thanks DEAR_SPIRIT for sharing.....Love & Peace Stu

  2. You had me at contact mic recordings of pylons! Thank you! And thanks for the re-up of Grails too, that's awesome!