Friday, September 30, 2022

SOM - The Shape of Everything (2022)

Absolutely beautiful doom-gaze. While so many of their shoegaze-infused post-metal peers still lean heavily on the drawn-out crescendos of mid-aughts post-rock, SOM keeps their songwriting concise while allowing their sound to remain proudly, passionately outsized. Like a more muscular, reinvigorated Jesu, or Deftones if they allowed their dreamiest impulses to reign. (I know there are a lot of Deftones haters out there, so please don't let that last part stop you from checking this out.) Free/name your price via the SOM bandcamp.

Track listing:
1. Moment
2. Animals
3. Center
4. Shape
5. Clocks
6. Wrong
7. Heart Attack
8. Son of Winter

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  1. Oh this is really good. It reminds my a bit of a dreamy Swervedriver which is A-OK in my book.

  2. This kind of sound used to be so hard to find, now it’s sort of everywhere. These guys seem to do it at an above average level. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yeah, there are heaps of bands doing the downtempo, heavy shoegaze thing, and this record honestly didn't really jump out too much to me at first. It really grew on me. I think the melodies are really memorable, the songs just keep getting stronger as the record progresses, and their sound/production is just perfect.

    2. I appreciate what you're doing here at Opium Hum. Check out Pallow's Blueprints For An Empty Vessel in your travels. I have yet to find anything in the doomgaze neck of the woods that matches its quality. It has this melancholy emo sensibility too that I can't quite put my finger on, but definitely sets the album apart.