Saturday, October 1, 2022

Mysterious Art — Omen - The Story (1989)

[Crypt Keeper voice] Hello, creeps! As I'm sure you know, Halloween Season is always a special time here at Opium GLUM. And your old pal the Opium Keeper has just the twisted tale to start things off on the right foot [holds up severed foot, giggles.] It concerns a group of coked-up Germans who just couldn't get enough of the KNIFE life! [more giggling] So when they conspired to make an album of Hi-NRG bangers, they stuffed it so full of spooky samples, deadly drum machines, petrifying pianos, scary synths, and vampiric vocals -- people who heard it didn't know whether to laugh or DIE! [this one really gets me going, I absolutely laugh my fucking ass off for a full 15-20 seconds] I call this one... Omen - The Story.

Track listing:
1. In Nomine (Intro)
2. Das Omen - Teil 1
3. Requiem
4. Humunkulus (Men of Glass)
5. The Beyond
6. Carma - Omen 2
7. Fallen Angel
8. Don't Fly Too High
9. Heaven's Door
10. Requiem (Instrumental Mix)
11. Humunkulus (Dub Mix)

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