Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Wampyrinacht - The Cloven Hoof (1998)


Greek occult black metal. Epic/melodic/quasi-symphonic songwriting, complete with some clean male-female vocals and totally kickass shred solos. Another record that I've been meaning to post around Halloween every year since this blog started.

Track listing:
1. The Mass of Astaroth
2. Spellbound by the Wolves
3. Cup of Immortality
4. The Cloven Hoof
5. The Darkest Sunset (Elisaveta)

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  1. So glad you linked the other two bands to this listing. The new Wampyrinacht album is great, but doesnt have the impact as the previous one did, in my opinion. But oh man, how good are Medieval Demon! Great link. As with DM, excellent stuff! One of the DM albums is a supposed soundtrack to an unmade film. I always wondered what sort of movie it'd make.

    1. I am absolutely LOVING the new Wampyrinacht, definitely gonna be on my year-end list. As is the new Medieval Demon. Great year for reunited 90s Hellenic black metal bands. Happy to get some positive feedback on that Medieval Demon post, the initial response wasn't great: one comment comparing their logo to Cradle of Filth's, and the other calling me a "fucking degenerate." Tough crowd.

    2. thanks for fixing my previous post! Yeah, the Wampyrinacht album will be on my top 10 for sure. I only first listened to MD earlier this year. Can't believe I had overlooked them for so long. Incredible atmosphere. The previous album is definitely Halloween playlist material. Can't wait for the Cult of Eibon and Ceremonial Torture split - what a pairing! Yeah, you certainly got chewed out for being a CoF fan in those posts hehe.