Monday, September 16, 2013

Lethian Dreams - Season of Raven Words (2012)

Some of the prettiest doom metal I've ever heard. Lethian Dreams are a French duo who have, according to Metal Archives, officially declared that from this album forth, they will no longer use 'harsh' vocals. Their second album, Season of Raven Words consists entirely of melodic, keyboard-laced doom, with angelic female vocals hovering overhead. Also, the songs are, refreshingly, relatively short-- only one passes the seven-minute mark. Def worth a listen for fans of Shape of Despair, newer Forest of Shadows, Sailors with Wax Wings, and Hagar-era Van Halen.

Track listing:
1. Dawn
2. Wandering
3. See
4. Raven
5. White Gold
6. Invisible
7. Satyrs
8. Roads

See, lingering as the twilight wanes,
Lover with lover wandering

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