Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Woods of Desolation - Toward the Depths (2008) [LINK REMOVED]

Jaw-dropping debut full-length from this criminally underrated Australian outfit (who, incidentally, also have a split with Drohtnung.) From the muted, reverb-drenched production and sparse, understated vocals to the hazy, hypnotic riffs and yearning leads, Toward the Depths is one of the most awe-inspiring, hauntingly beautiful depressive black metal records I've ever had the pleasure of hearing. For personal, departed friend-related reasons, this record is hitting me really, really hard right now, and I'm having trouble putting it into words, so I'm going to stop trying.

P.S. The "departed friend" bit refers to someone who passed a few years back. Since some of my readers are my real-life friends, this seems worth mentioning.

Track listing:
1. Towards the Depths
2. They Will Never Leave Their Tormentor
3. When the Frost Comes Falling Down...
4. Solitude (Part II)
5. A Time of Eternal Darkness
6. Woods of Desolation
7. Outro

Each time I close my eyes, they run at me
Eyes empty, screaming
In many ways I am responsible.
The adrenalin courses through my veins
as I drive deeper into the tortured souls of the innocent
Disbelief as their life is robbed of them.


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    1. Yes, as it says in the title. I got a copyright complaint but didn't want to take the post down

  2. Didn't saw it in the title. Anyeay, found it somwehere else.
    Sorry bout your friend