Thursday, September 19, 2013

Milosh - III (2008)

Michael Milosh is one half of deservedly-hyped minimalist R&B duo Rhye. Until yesterday, when I learned that he has a new album prepped for release (it's called Jetlag -- here's the trailer), I was completely unaware of his solo career, which so far has produced three full-lengths and an EP. III is his third album (duh) and it's an enticing, polished hybrid of trip-hop, hazy electro-indie, and artful R&B to which I anticipate listening about fifteen times over the course of the next week.

Here's his bandcamp. Get more of his super chill music, and give him your money.

Track listing:
1. Awful Game
2. Another Day
3. Gentle Samui
4. Remember the Good Things
5. Warm Waters
6. Hold My Breath
7. Wrapped Around My Ways
8. Leaving Samui
9. The World

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