Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Dead End Alliance - Screwed for Life (1998)

Laid-back, gangsta-as-fuck, first and only album from this Houston rap group consisting of four members of the legendary Screwed Up Click, including DJ Screw himself, as well as Fat Pat, H.A.W.K., and Kay-K. Sadly, of these four men, only Kay-K is still alive, and he's serving a life sentence.

Track listing:
1. We Ain't Trippin'
2. Get Up Off Yo' Rump
3. It Don't Stop It Don't Quit
4. Sun Hit da Fade
5. Turnin' Lane (Remix)
6. Screwed 4 Life
7. Dead End Niggaz
8. Down in H-Town
9. Full Time Playa
10. Money Money
11. Heart of a Hustler
12. Better Place
13. Why You Hatin'
14. 25 Lighterz
15. Money & da Power
16. X-Tro

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