Friday, December 30, 2016

Michael Torke - Color Music (1991)

A dynamic, engaging symphony of contemporary classical by American composer Michael Torke. Much of Color Music is characterized by staccato notes that seem to hover around central, semi-dissonant chords, with oddly uplifting anti-melodies weaving their ways throughout.

Track listing:
1. Green
2. Purple
3. Ecstatic Orange
4. Ash
5. Bright Blue Music


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  1. Thankyou! And happy new year.

  2. Not even 60 seconds into track 1 and I'm hearing a wonderful John Adam like similarity, and that, my friend, is a very, very, good thing. Your excursions to the far flung universe of all things musical, is just how I like to travel too.

    And, yeah, I'm STILL listening to my Komeda collection obsessively.


  3. Thanks, this one's right up my street. Happy new year and all the best for a great 2017 at Opium Hum!