Saturday, December 3, 2016

Bile - TeknoWhore (1996)

Filthy, sleazy, noise-ridden industrial metal. Got into this band when I was like 12 via the surprisingly solid Mortal Kombat soundtrack, which also introduced me to KMFDM and Napalm Death, and needless to say, when I finally got my hands on it, TeknoWhore blew my innocent little mind. It was heavier than "Creature of the Wheel", more disturbingly, violently sexual than "Big Man with a Gun", more futuristic than "Juke Joint Jezebel", and more twisted than "Misery Machine". Nothing against any of those songs or artists, but for a hormone-addled, budding misanthrope stuck in suburban Maryland, these were the true tests of artistic merit, and Bile quickly became my go-to band for impressing my fellow angsty suburbanites.

Track listing:
1. Intro
2. TeknoWhore
3. Weather Control
4. No One I Call My Friend
5. Habitual Sphere
6. Compound Pressure
7. Interstate Hate Song
8. Green Day
9. No I Don't No
10. Suckers
11. Lowest Form
12. You Can't Love This (Pt. 1)
13. You Can't Love This (Pt. 2)
14. You Can't Love This (Pt. 3)
15. You Can't Love This (Pt. 4)
16. Solitude Is Bliss

I'll do anything to make you piss all over me

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  1. Funny thats also where i first heard bile. Sister machine gun as well. Too bad the movie wasn't as good as the soundtrack.