Monday, December 19, 2016

Generation of Vipers - Howl and Filth (2011)

Black-as-night, heavy-as-fuck Southern-style sludge metal. Behind the gnarly riffage, rumbling bass, and pissed-off snarls, there's a dark sense of artfulness -- a sample collage here, an atmospheric piano-and-cello instrumental there -- that, along with a single-minded refusal to go melodic, helps to elevate Howl and Filth to greatness.

Track listing:
1. Ritual
2. Silent Shroud
3. All of This Is Mine
4. Eternal
5. Slow Burn
6. The Misery Coil

Unknown heaven
Sacred hell

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  1. From your writeup, this feels like it should be somewhere near Gaza's "I don't care where I go when I die"?

  2. Every day yields a winner around these parts. Thanks!

  3. Reup please? This thing fucking slays!!!