Thursday, December 22, 2016

The End - Transfer Trachea Reverberations from Point: False Omniscient (2001)

Some of the best mathcore I've ever heard. Chaotic, dense, and heavy, with a screamo (that's the old definition, mind you) edge, and a few moments of strange, woozy beauty.

Track listing:
1. Her (Inamorta)
2. Opalescence.I
3. Opalescence.II
4. The Asphyxiation of Lisa-Claire
5. For Mankind, Limited Renewal
6. Sonnet
7. Entirety in Infancy

To never be shown in the open world

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  1. I was hoping for a christmas post... no luck... Now I'm gonna get drunk. Adiós!

  2. Haha holy shit, check out the video that these guys did for 'Her' - Thanks for the album

  3. Probably the best of the Dillinger clones popping up at that time...too bad they went to shit after this record.