Friday, December 16, 2016

Aztec Camera - High Land, Hard Rain (1983)

Jangly Scottish new wave. High Land, Hard Rain is a more-or-less perfect record that, like so much great pop music, hides its bitter, sardonic core under a peppy, upbeat veneer.

Track listing:
1. Oblivious
2. The Boy Wonders
3. Walk Out to Winter
4. The Bugle Sounds Again
5. We Could Send Letters
6. Pillat to Post
7. Release
8. Lost Outside the Tunnel
9. Back on Board
10. Down the Dip

It's like a mystery that never ends
I see you crying and I want to kill your friends

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  1. Oblivious takes me right back to being young and hearing it on the radio when it was a single in the charts. I read a new excellent article about Roddy Frame and his early years and rise to success in a music mag recently...can't remember where but I must look for it