Monday, December 12, 2016

Gravediggaz - Nightmare in A-Minor (2001)

Third record from Wu-Tang offshoot Gravediggaz. At this point, Gravediggaz had an almost completely different lineup from that of their much-loved first record, and largely left behid the horror themes for which they're best known in favor of more straightforward, politically and socially conscious hip-hop -- not at all unlike Wu-Tang, really.

Track listing:
1. Mic Check Intro: Prince Paul (Intro)
2. Bloodshed
3. False Things Must Perish
4. Last Man Standing (Skit)
5. Killing Fieldz
6. Burn Baby Burn
7. Wanna Break
8. God vs. Devil
9. Zig Zag Chamber
10. Today's Mathematics (Skit)
11. Running Game on Real
12. East Coast vs. West Coast (Skit)
13. Rest in da East
14. Guard Ya Shrine
15. Nightmare in A-Minor
16. End of da World
17. Man Only Fears
18. Universal Shout-Outs (Skit)
19. Da Crazies (Skit)

What if it's your own that's the villain?

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  1. The thing is that Gravediggaz were split in half -- Too Poetic (The Grym Reaper) and Frukwan (The Gatekeeper) were the only two members left, though Prince Paul (The Undertaker) did contribute the intro track. For my money, Poetic's verses are the highlight of any Gravediggaz album, and thankfully this is at least on the level of the second album, quality-wise, if not the first. The fact that Poetic was completing this album on his death bed, while rhyming about his chemo, lends a heavy weight to the record and a layer of irony to the crew's name.