Saturday, September 25, 2021

All in the Golden Afternoon - Magic Lighthouse on the Infinite Sea (2011)

Generally laid-back psych/dream pop/shoegaze. The kind of album that reminds me how much I, contradictory as it may seem, loathe music-writing, as it forces the lazier writers among us to trot out, over and over again, the same list of tired adjectives (see: "laid-back", also could have been "hazy", "heavy-lidded", etc.) to stand in for that beautiful, rejuvenating, and possibly indescribable feeling that we all get when we hear a great record. Or I could say something dumb like: this sounds like a really nice, lazy summer day spent laying on blankets in the sun, high on mushrooms. But that doesn't capture the emotional nuances at work here, as it's certainly not all sunshine, smiles, and highs. Don't listen to me, listen to this record.

Track listing:
1. Advice from a Caterpillar
2. Tidal Wave
3. Symphonies of Spirits
4. 30th and Sanchez
5. Gulf Coast Highway
6. Up All Night
7. In the Sky
8. Less and Less
9. The Pool of Tears
10. In a Box
11. Beneath the Setting Sun
12. Up All Night - Western Arms Remix [bonus]

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  1. your writing is always spot on, thanks

  2. A band I hadn’t heard of... and they’re from just down the road in Austin. Shame on me, and props to you! Much appreciated.

  3. Oh wow !....many thanks DEAR_SPIRIT for sharing this wonderful album. I always love being introduced to bands that I have never heard of before.