Saturday, September 25, 2021

Mythos - Pain Amplifier (1995)

Finnish blackened death. While most black/death takes a more head-banging, ass-kicking route, Mythos' approach was slightly unorthodox. They tapped into the murkier realms of death metal while retaining generally faster, blast-heavy tempos that at times lean towards grind -- which they ultimately embraced with an early Carcass cover -- and injected it with black metal's tendencies towards ritualism and grim melody. 

Track listing:
1. In the Beginning... (Of the Outro)
2. Hung on the Wings
3. Unreal Moon
4. In Veiled Language (True Version)
5. The Pain Amplifier
6. A Song by the Way
7. Verses in the Fire (Heavy Version)
8. The Last Orgy
9. Strange Things Happen at Night
10. ... The End (Of the Outro) / Reek of Putrefaction

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