Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Eternity - ... and the Gruesome Returns with Every Night (2004)

German black metal. Near-flawless second-wave worship. Years ago, I was putting together a list of my top 100 black metal records and this record made the grade; unfortunately, I never was able to get the list in an order that I liked, and probably never will. Suggested discussion topics: suicide, murder, Satan, and nuclear annihilation.

Track listing:
1. Misanthropic Suicide
2. Raging
3. Jede Nacht...
4. In the Depths of Solitude
5. Revelations of Darkness
6. Verhöhnt
7. Grim Reapers Rapture
8. Glorification of Evil
9. Nuklearer Sturm

More German BM:


  1. Tremendous :)
    Eternity, though, surely?

    1. Wow haha, yes, it's definitely Eternity. I was listening to Empty when I wrote this, my wires got crossed. Thanks for letting me know!

  2. Would love to see this list. Maybe in a "no particular order" type thing.

    1. OK I started working on it again, I'm determined to finish it before school starts back up.