Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Theologian - Some Things Have to Be Endured (2013)

Dense, heavy death-industrial-rooted sounds wrapped in a dark, ethereal shroud. Within the confines of death-industrial, Some Things Have to Be Endured manages to cover a great deal of stylistic ground -- I hear traces of darkwave, noise rock, and power electronics -- and demands to be listened to as one piece. Seriously jaw-dropping stuff. So glad they gave it that fucked-up album art (and released it in a DVD case) or I might never have stumbled across it while sifting through the stacks at my old work.

Track listing:
1. Black Cavern Myopia
2. The Conjoined Deviant Procession
3. Writhing Corpus Landscape
4. Gore-Stained Ramparts
5. Like Love, Only Real
6. Grand Guignol
7. Ectothermism
8. Welcome to the Golden Age of Beggars

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  1. And... beautiful breasts! That's certainly a cover to make you stop when flicking through the racks.

  2. This is killer, thanks!! Now I must find more by them.