Saturday, September 18, 2021

Guitar Red - Hard Times (1976)

First and only solo album by Guitar Red, aka Chicagoan guitarist Paul Johnson. Hard Times rides the fine lines between soul, funk, and old-school rhythm and blues, with a lo-fi, synth-y, drum machine-driven twist. I get that Guitar Red was the man's stage name and that he had a career outside of making this album, but guitar really takes a backseat to synth here. The kind of record that was destined from day one to be ignored by the many and absolutely adored by the few, then reissued by some boutique label a few decades later. Wish I could remember which of the old mp3 blogs I got this from -- Mutant Sounds, maybe? 

(The title track is not to be confused with the classic Baby Huey track of the same name.)

Track listing:
1. Hard Times
2. Fantasy
3. Share Your Love
4. Space and Time
5. Sad Day
6. Disco from a Space Show
7. Love Walked In
8. Sad Day - Inst.

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  1. great lyric quote! Earl Hooker has this one "Is you ever seen a one eyed woman cry? Tears only come out of the one eye"