Thursday, September 23, 2021

Isengrind - Golestan (2007)

Haunting ambient-psych-folk-drone from French musician Solange Gularte. Guitars, cello, jangling percussion, various woodwinds, keyboards, wordless vocals.

Track listing:
1. Morgenstern
2. Virgin Rain Fog
3. Cum Mortuis en Langua Mortua
4. All Tiny Animals
5. Perseid Meteor Shower
6. Convicta et Combusta
7. N'ed'el'a
8. With Its Mouth to the South & Its Tail to the North
9. Path of Ice
10. How Deep Is the Mud?
11. Golestan
12. Perchtmilk

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  1. One half of Natural Snow Buildings I believe. If you like this, then there's a strong probability that you'll like NSB as well. I recommend The Dance of the Moon and the Sun if you can find it.


    1. this. I came to point out she's half of NSB :D definitely check them out

    2. I had vague plans to post this, then something by TwinSisterMoon, then something by NSB, but I rarely follow through on my plans for this blog.

  2. definitely Fenriz's best work.

  3. Just wanted to take a minute to THANK YOU for all the great music you share here! This sounds super dope but I appreciate all your hard work bringing great music to us masses. I'm always discovering new and great music here!

  4. Not Isengrad, but Isengrind... ciao