Friday, September 17, 2021

Cindytalk - Camouflage Heart (1984)

Experimental post-punk/other from two ex-members of The Freeze (UK not US). Songs of sheer dread vomited into existence as if by The Birthday Party playing in a pitch-black industrial cavern.

Track listing:
1. It's Luxury
2. Instinct (Backtosense)
3. Under Glass
4. Memories of Skin and Snow
5. The Spirit Behind the Circus Dream
6. The Ghost Never Smiles
7. A Second Breath
8. Everybody Is Christ
9. Disintegrate...

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  1. might be worth noting, "The Freeze" mentioned here are a UK band, not the US punk/hc one

    1. Yeah, I kinda figured the timeline would make that clear but I'll make a note.

    2. yeah it's just that my initial reaction was "The Freeze?! really?" and then obviously discovered it wasn't that one