Thursday, October 9, 2014

Big Lurch - It's All Bad (2004)

In order to get properly creeped out by Big Lurch, one has to be aware of the fact that he's currently in prison for murder -- specifically, getting high on PCP, stabbing his girlfriend to death, and eating parts of her face and lungs. There's a video on Youtube that paints a pretty vivid picture, but I can't remember which one it is, so it's on you if you want to find it.

Aside from the backstory, It's All Bad is tough, horrorcore-leaning Texas gangsta rap, best exemplified by the album-opening "Texas Boy" and, most chillingly, by "I Did It to You", a song that was actually used by prosecutors as evidence against him. Some exceptions to this aesthetic include the bland, forgettable "Gimme Ya Love" and "Cali Girl", and the awesomely raw sex jam "Ten Toes".

Track listing:
1. Money Man
2. Texas Boy
3. Gimme Ya Love
4. Cali Girl
5. Da Riddler
6. I Can Do This
7. Ten Toes
8. Gangsta Gangsta
9. Can U Deal with This?
10. Tribal Wars
11. On Da Run
12. I Did It to You!
13. Renegade Dope Dealer
14. America

You're fuckin' around with some niggas that's high off of formaldehyde


  1. About a year or so ago my mom calls me up asking if I have ever heard of Big Lurch. I said "yeah, the rapper that got high on pcp, then killed and ate part of his girlfriend". She says yes, then tales me that she just finished watching a true crime show called "Drugs Made Me Do It" and that was the subject of this episode. Then she ask if I would burn her a copy of the album. She still plays it today, along with Brotha Lynch Hung, Sicx (who did some fucked up shit to end up in jail) and Dre Dog/Andre Nickatina. -Britt

    1. That's awesome. Why is yr mom so into gnarly rap? My mom's on that Coldplay/Enya tip.

    2. I think it's the subject matter, but also me and my brothers exposing her to it, along with black metal. She loves to watch crime shows about murder and horror movies. She bought me Reign In Blood in 86', I was only 6 and I watched what became my favorite horror movie (Pieces) with her that same year. She does like mainstream stuff like Lorde, Pharrell and whatever is popular on the radio/tv. The other day whenever we were out driving around town, I played her Wold's Freermasonry and she actually like it, even though I could never get her to sit through a whole Whitehouse record. -Britt

    3. Thanks for sharing
      this video on youtube, is a part of a longer video called rhyme and punishment. you can hear big lurch and the mother of its alleged victim questionning his guilt and the process of the trial. As far as I'm concerned, it's yet another person victim of the racist and unfair justice system of out countries. I think he deserves at least a better trial. Plus, it is outrageous that his song could be used to prove its guilt. Would you use an horror books author litterature in a trial if he would be convicted of crime ? It is ridiculous. I think he just fitted the stereotype of the violent black rapper for the jury. Apparently, PCPs effects make you numb and asleep, i don't see how this would make you a crazy killer or human flesh eater.

      Concerning your review, The song America is also very different from the "horrorcore feel" of other tracks, it is very political and criticize american institutionnal racism and how govnt floods ghettos with drugs. It may have worsen his sentence. My favorite cuts on this album are "I did it to you" and "on da run" I think the instrumentals hit hard.

      PS : discogs list a version of this album with 17 tracks
      I couldn't find it on the internet yet.

      Anyways the story of this man is yet another proof corporate media is not interested in truth

    4. There is undoubtedly a bias against African-Americans in the US judicial/criminal justice system and there can be no doubt that Antron Singleton was a victim of this bias during his trial.

      However -- and this is speculation -- if a person on trial had written a gritty, first-person murder-porn novel shortly before being arrested for murder, I'd imagine that portions of that novel would be used as evidence. Fittingly, just the other day, a friend was telling me about an old acquaintance of his whose death metal recordings, which included an album called "Slit Your Throat", were used as evidence against him in a murder trial. So if you're implying that only rap would be used in such a manner, there's some evidence to the contrary.

      Also, in lower, recreational doses, PCP does not make the user go to sleep; if this were the case, it would not be as popular as it is. Rather, it causes (from a clinical study) "bizarre thought patterns, hallucinations, [and] delirium." Seems like a pretty good state of mind in which to commit a murder. For (many) more cases in which murders were committed while on PCP, just google "pcp murder."

      Again, I agree that Singleton, in all likelihood, did not receive a fair trial. I remember being presented with pretty compelling evidence that Singleton did not act alone. On the other hand... wasn't he found covered in the victim's blood?

    5. thanks for the interesting response. I admit I talked without knowing about PCP.
      I found this article from 2013 saying he was about to get a new hearing.

      the mother of the victim says he was not covered in blood in the pictures showed on tv. Some info is repeated from the rhymes and punishment video. The comment section is interesting for what "anonymous" comments is worth, some people pretend to be close to the people involved in the crime scene and give us some insights.

      After reading this it is hard to know the truth anyways. I agree with one of the commentators saying
      "the problem for Big Lurch is he was high on PCP and he even says himself that he doesn’t know what he did and he blacked out and woke up in jail. Not a good look there bruh"