Saturday, October 25, 2014

Helium - Pirate Prude EP (1994)

First EP from this phenomenal band. It's Helium's slowest, moodiest, sludgiest record, and a beautiful showcase for the ramshackle, effortlessly brilliant guitar work that defined and continues to define Mary Timony's music (and in a more general sense, much of the best 90s indie rock.) It's not really all that spooky/scary/disturbing, so it doesn't exactly fit the whole Halloween theme I have going on here, but it's of my all-time favorite EPs -- one of the first vinyl purchases I ever made -- and there's an ample amount of vampire talk, so I'm calling it good.

Track listing:
1. Baby Vampire Made Me
2. Wanna Be a Vampire Too, Baby
3. XXX
4. 000
5. I'll Get You, I Mean It
6. Love $$$
7. (Untitled Hidden Track)

Evil watch me
Watch over me
Give me eyes like yours
So I can see like you
I want evil eyes so I can spy


  1. I heard the rumor that this albums is about a woman shunned who enters a life of prostitution and then becomes a killer, but in reverse order. Not sure if this is true, but my favorite ep of all time.

  2. Thanks for reminding me of this! I've got the cd somewhere, but... It's great to hear it again!