Thursday, October 30, 2014

Oneiroid Psychosis - Stillbirth (1995)

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In the OPIUM HUM household, no Halloween is complete without the traditional listening to of Oneiroid Psychosis' entire catalogue. It's a tradition because I am a total sucker for their sound -- straight-faced, electro-industrial-tinged darkwave with horror movie keyboards and self-consciously creepy vocals and lyrics -- but as I mentioned last year, it doesn't feel socially acceptable to listen to them at any other time of year. I go back and forth on what my favorite album of their is, but as of press time, I'm going with Stillbirth, their first and least cheesy record.

Track listing:
1. Succubi
2. Prurience
3. Fleshmachine
4. Bloodlust
5. Menarche
6. Hypnagogic Existence
7. Psychopathia Sexualis
8. Mind's I
9. Motionless
10. Broken Eyes
11. (Untitled)

Swallowing blood
Running red
Spits down the neck
Spreads on the bed


  1. So i do understand that you possess the entire discography.. So why not post some more of them??? I know, halloween just passed away a few days ago, but we can create a one week hgalloween listening tradition..

    (should i say that i love them??)

  2. some sort of errata: found some on previous HUMS... we still miss "Death In Utero" and "Forever is Forgotten"..... any chance, out of halloween??? and by chance have you got the Assuage too???
    woow great fest here!!!!