Friday, October 3, 2014

Sean Nicholas Savage - Flamingo (2011)

Lo-fi, lounge-y acoustic indie pop with a distinctly outsider feel. Savage's voice is high-pitched and thin, and trembles in way that sounds more like struggling to stay on pitch than an affectation. Add a bit of tape warp, a cheap-sounding drum machine and keyboard, and bizarre, at times surreal, but earnest lyrics, and you've got a singular, idiosyncratic vision that most people will not get.

Track listing:
1. Days Go By
2. Come Back to Me
3. Chin Chin
4. You Changed Me
5. My Chances
6. Catch the Quick Fish
7. Spotted Brown
8. Only the Wind
9. Goodbye Rainbow
10. Wasted in Snowstorm
11. Common Ground
12. She Was the One
13. Pupil of the Night

That's the way it's always been
The only way to swim is into the current