Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Pyha - The Haunted House (2008)

Harsh, lo-fi, deeply depressive black metal from a Korean [thanks Anon] solo project. An extremely blown-out fog of guitar, keyboards, and harsh and clean vocals, under which a drum machine dejectedly plods along at speeds generally reserved for funeral doom. It's hard to describe just how intense this record is; it feels as though the tape itself is on the verge of suicide. Musical masochists, rejoice.

Track listing: (these are some random internet person's translations, can't vouch for their accuracy)
1. Appulyi
2. Hyungga Is a Tangled Story: Pt. 1
3. Hyungga Is a Tangled Story: Pt. II
4. Hyungga Is a Tangled Story: Pt. III
5. Song of the Elderly
6. Seomak
7. End of Hyungga
8. Song of the Elderly (alt. version)
9. Message from Heaven
10. After the Aliens

Cursed be the light
Soon it will fade
Never to rise again

If you want similarly disturbing black metal, here's Japan's Endless Dismal Moan.


  1. From Korea, not Japan. Recorded when he was only 14.

    1. Thanks for the correction. Not the first time I've made that type of mistake. I've heard these claims of his extremely young age, but have a hard time believing them, as this is the third different age I've heard claimed -- I've heard both younger (12) and older (18).

  2. He actually was 12 or 14 when he recorded this album (Korean age is a year or so older than international age). It's kind of funny because at the time he was just trying to do something like My Dying Bride, but his musicianship and recording skills were so bad that he unknowingly created this harsh black metal record. PYHA is in his late 20s now and plays in a death doom/sludge band in Seoul called GONGURI. They only have a demo out now but are showing a shit ton of potential with their newer material. Vocals are insane, as expected.