Saturday, October 4, 2014

Vintersemestre - Jääverisaatana (1995)

Some OG second-wave Finnish black metal for dat ass. Shriek-y vocals, tremolo picking and blastbeats for about 90% of the total runtime, and cheap sounding, poorly mixed keyboards to round out the awesomeness. At just over 19 minutes, Jääverisaatana is way too short -- it's really four proper songs sandwiched between an intro and an outro -- but it's ace, and if you're pissed at its brevity, they have a single full-length that you can seek out, or just ask me for.

Track listing:
1. Those Tears of Lilith
2. Firedance (Jää)
3. The Wisdom of Usuluh (Veri)
4. The Darkness of Asath (Saatana)
5. Silent Tongues
6. Abigar

Nocturnal witchery


  1. If it is somehow possible for you, I would like to hear the Kirkkokyrpä Full-length Release of 1996. Very nice blog, with very extraordinary bands.

    1. Sure, here it is: