Sunday, March 19, 2017

Skáphe - Untitled (2017)

Chaos Moon - Origin of Apparition (2007)
Skáphe - Skáphe² (2016)

The latest masterpiece of cavernous black/death metal from Skáphe, for free/name your price on their bandcamp. Now with more doom! Or are you one of these obnoxious snobs who has decided not to like amazing bands like this because the style they play is currently popular?

One 22-minute track, titled "VII"

Dreams scattered over an infinite mirror

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  1. I feel like there's a slight at me in this one!

    1. If so it's completely unintentional. Don't remember getting any comments to this effect, I've just had a few friends turn a corner on the whole "cavernous black/death" subgenre -- it was directed at them.

    2. There was a mild shitshow when my review of III essentially read "this sounds like a horrible mess and what happened since the demo?" Bad reviews not allowed!

    3. I see. Yup, definitely not trying to throw shade, just some shit I keep running into IRL, nothing to do with this record in particular