Thursday, November 8, 2018

Mikko Joensuu - Amen 1 (2016)

Gorgeous heartache from Finnish songwriter Mikko Joensuu. On Amen 1, Joensuu zooms in on the often-subtle ethereality of classic country music and, with patient songwriting and spacious, string-and-reverb-heavy production, elevates it to impossibly bright, positively sublime new territory. It's a bit surreal to hear a Finn take on such an American style of music, but as far as I'm concerned, he's doing it as well as anyone's done it in years.

Track listing:
1. Enjoy It While It Lasts
2. Sometimes You Have to Go Far
3. Warning Sign
4. Closer My God
5. I'd Give You All
6. Thief and a Liar
7. Take Me Home Oh Lord
8. Valley of Gold

Shiver down my spine as I think of that place
When a wretch like me felt amazing grace

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  1. thank you thank you!
    I've been searching for this for a while. I think I may have even asked if you have any of his stuff earlier, or maybe just stuff from Svart records. III was easily my fave non-metal album of 2017.
    Anyway, thank you so much!

  2. I'm a huge fan of Mikko Joensuu! If you don't mind, here's the rest of the discography (Amen 2, Amen 3, and Land Of Darkness/Lake Of Fire 12"):!sygRBYwK!8XJ3gds68wNrfq-XGot3Kw

  3. This is great stuff...and the added discs are amazing. Thanks Polyphemus Winks....