Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Abyssinians - Satta Massaganna (1976)

Every time I write about reggae, I feel obligated to mention that I don't know much about it as a music genre, scene, cultural force, or otherwise. This means that all of the records that I hear surely are barely scratching the surface, and it's probable that, for those in the know, posting Satta Massaganna is a bit like posting Souvlaki or In the Nightside Eclipse. However, it's also entirely possible, even likely, that most of my MASSIVE readership know as little about reggae as I. So I'm going with it. After all, I read on Wikipedia that it's a "classic roots reggae album."

Track listing:
1. Declaration of Rights
2. The Good Lord
3. Forward Unto Zion
4. Know Jah Today
5. Abendigo
6. Y Mas Gan
7. Black Man's Strain
8. Satta Massaganna
9. I and I
10. African Race
11. Leggo Beast
12. Peculiar Number
13. Reason Time
14. There Is No End

There is a land far, far away
Where there's no night, there's only day

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  1. I love this album.

    Even in reggae's traditional messed-up discographies, Satta Massaganna is right up there, with at least five different covers (yours, the Heartbeat cover, is fourth chronologically as far as I can tell), plus at least five titles/spellings (Satta Masa Gana, Satta Amasagana, Satta, and Forward on to Zion also).