Monday, December 15, 2014

Tones on Tail - Pop (1984)

First and only album from this Daniel Ash (Bauhaus) side-project. Shades-on cool and pitch-black, but with a sense of musical adventurousness and diversity that keeps things interesting and, dare I say it, fun. And if you can think of a more goth song title than "The Never Never (Is Forever)", I'd like to hear it.

Track listing:
1. Lions
2. War
3. Happiness
4. The Never Never (Is Forever)
5. Performance
6. Slender Fungus
7. Movement of Fear
8. Real Life
9. Rain

A flash of white light
a thrilling hope, some pure surprise
but it's always smashed in two


  1. Hmmmm.. A friend of mine had this tones of tail box-set collection. Was a four disc set. Always remembered it being a four full length set... Maybe it was the album and a ton of other recordings or something. Not saying you are wrong. Just that I remember them having more than this one... I'll have to look into this or it's gonna drive me nuts... Great stuff though! Great post!

    1. So...You we're right. I found the box-set my buddy had. It's called "Everything" and is a collection with the one album they did and a bunch of EP's and rarities and such. It's a great collection so grab a copy of that if you ever get the chance. I remember him playing the song "Burning Skies" on repeat throughout the night. Good times.

    2. Oh shit, sorry for my lack of response. Yeah they have a bunch of comps, including "Night Music" (") which is in my experience way easier to find than "Pop" so it kinda takes on the presence of another studio album.