Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Arcana - Arc of the Testimony (1997)

Second and final album from this short-lived jazz fusion group, who, despite including contributions from Pharoah Sanders, Buckethead, and others, by the time of this recording had been trimmed down to just two official members: Bill Laswell and Tony Williams. Arc of the Testimony is composed of heady, atmospheric fusion, with a few pieces of drifting, nervous, ECM-esque ambience ("Gone Tomorrow", "Calling Out the Blue Light") and is rounded out by a thick, bass-heavy sound -- awesome, nerdy stuff. It also has the honor of representing the last recorded output from the great Tony Williams, who died of a heart attack midway through the album's recording sessions.

Track listing:
1. Gone Tomorrow
2. Illuminator
3. Into the Circle
4. Returning
5. Calling Out the Blue Light
6. Circles of Hell
7. Wheeless on a Dark River
8. The Earth Below

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  1. Great album indeed. I love the drum sound. Didn't know there was another album. Feel free to post it if you can! Always fun to follow this blog.

  2. Hi, I really like your blog.
    I recommand you to put "Ego" here from the Tony Williams Lifetime's period. It's one of my favorite album of all time, for the sentimental education that it brought me. And this disc is a must have! Hope you'll like it.
    x Romain