Saturday, August 6, 2016

Chainsaw Dissection - Malodorous Decomposition (2005)

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Chainsaw Dissection - Human Internecion (2004)

Last time, I called Chainsaw Dissection "the absolute pinnacle of death metal." I bet that some of you thought I was just being flip, or at least exaggerating. Well, you were wrong. Let's go down the list. Drum machine? Check. Slow blasts? Check. Unintelligible gutturals? Check. Homemade-sounding? Check. Gnarliest, heaviest guitar tone imaginable? Check. Ignorant caveman riffs that go on just a little too long? Check. Guaranteed to turn off over 99% of the population? You fucking know it's a check.

If you've downloaded a bunch of stuff from my blog, and find yourself thinking, "My god, this guy has profoundly changed my life in so many ways, if only there were some way I could possibly repay him without offering him sex cause I'm pretty sure he's happily married," then here's what you do: send me a DL link for Repugnant Obsession, Exhuming the Mephitic Deceased, Sanguinary Disseverance, or Obliteration. Or anything by any one of this dude's 5,000 other solo projects.

Track listing:
1. Homicidal Fascination
2. Bury My Victims
3. Morbid Executioner
4. Comical Disembowelment
5. Whore Slaughtering
6. Gruesome Feast of the Insane
7. Me and My Chainsaw
8. Backwoods Butcher
9. Infant Autopsy
10. Violent Abduction
11. Murder Every Nine Months
12. Farmhouse of Hacked-Up Harlots

Grinding humans into dog food

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  1. Not sure if this helps or just makes it worse but if you can figure out how to download from, they have several releases up. But last i heard they had made all dl links available to russia only. And if you do by chance figure that out let me know

  2. Yeah, this guy is great! Unfortunately I don't have the albums you requested but I have a bunch of his other projects (mostly low bitrate Bandcamp rips).