Saturday, August 27, 2016

Asmus Tietchens - Nachtstücke (Expressions Et Perspectives Sonores Intemporelles) (1980)

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Excellent first solo album from German avant-garde synth guru Asmus Tietchens. All warped, darkly whimsical synth pieces, with a deeply hypnotic cumulative effect. This guy's really been doing it for me of late, so expect more from him in the near future.

Track listing:
1. Erstes Nachtstück
2. Sieben Harmoniaturen
3. Falter-Lamento
4. Viertes Nachtstück
5. Intrada
6. Trekk
7. Lichterwald
8. Ultima Tundra
9. Nachtstück


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  1. Awesome, bring on the Tietchens! Do you have the Funfte Himmel compi? I never got around to grabbing that one.

  2. Hmm...I bought 'In die Nacht' on Sky 40 years ago...I hope this is better.