Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Ingleton Falls - Absconded (1994)

Trance-like dub techno. Airy, spacious sounds with just enough of a driving, borderline-industrial edge to keep things out of ambient territory. Each song features a (generally very short) dialogue sample that serves as a sort of mantra or thematic center.

Track listing:
1. She Felt Love (Barbara Cartland Mix)
2. Glossolalia (St. Paul the Evangelist Mix)
3. High (Howard Marks Mix)
4. 113 Dub (John Wyndham Mix)
5. Turn Off (Robert Anton Wilson Mix)
6. It's Just a Hobby (Edgar Allen Poe Mix)
7. Suddenly... (Arthur Conan Doyle Mix)
8. Marley Hill (Daniel Defoe Mix)
9. Outta Space (Sid Meier Mix)

Self-transforming machine creatures

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  1. Brilliant find!

    1. So true.
      It's an unbelievable listen.

  2. Ex member of Zoviet- France I believe which sounded nothing like this timeless nugget of delay smothered ambient soma!

  3. hi. is there a fresh link available please?