Monday, August 8, 2016

Dark Sanctuary - Royaume Mélancolique (1999)

French ethereal darkwave/neoclassical. Acoustic and clean guitars, deep, lush keyboards and cellos, and vocalist Dame Padora masterfully unleashing the reverb-drenched drama like some kind of operatic Gothic goddess. Members of Dark Sanctuary are/were also in a number of great black metal bands, including Bekhira and Sacrificia Mortuorum.

Track listing:
1. L'Autre Monde
2. L'Ombre Triste
3. Night Rain
4. Le Reve de la Nymphe
5. Miserere
6. Valley of the Pain
7. The Final Battle
8. Maze
9. Anatheme

Black paradise

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  1. This is just great. Your curating skills blow my mind. Thanks!

  2. Thanks very much!