Friday, August 5, 2016

Phil Flowers and His United Family - Alpha and Omega (1973)

A lost psych gem helmed by Phil Flowers, who is better known, if he's known at all, as a right-down-the-middle sort of pop vocalist and songwriter (his first record is a collaboration with Nat King Cole.) As far as I can tell, this far-out psychedelic funk/soul explosion, chronicling the Biblical story of the creation of the universe and the rise and fall of man, came more or less out of nowhere, and had little to no commercial impact. In other words, it's the stuff that music blogs are made of.

As always, if anyone has further relevant information, please illuminate me.

Track listing:
1. God's Creation, First Movement
2. God's Creation, Second Movement
3. First Man (Adam)
4. Adam and Eve's Love Song
5. First Man (Tag)
6. Devil's Theme
7. Prostitution (Hooked)
8. Abortion (It's Too Crowded)
9. I Can See the Sunlight
10. Fire, Fire
11. Will You Be There
12. Gabriel's Gonna Blow
13. Alpha and Omega

And God said, "Yeeeah, that's good."

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  3. Not a lot of information out there about this guy or the album, although one story I read noted that he and his band were dispatched to riot-torn neighborhoods after the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., to try to restore the piece. Kind of like musical UN blue helmets. He did a lot of gigs on cruise ships, too.

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