Sunday, August 21, 2016

Steve Kilbey & Russell P. Kilbey - Gilt Trip (1997)

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Abstract, lush instrumental psych from Steve Kilbey and his brother Russell. Though the overall feel is, of course, dark and dream-like, Gilt Trip doesn't really sound like anything else that Kilbey's done. It's certainly more stylistically diverse -- subtly so -- referencing at times Eastern and Western folk music, synth-driven new age, ambient drone, krautrock, and even horror movie music.

Track listing:
1. Gilt Trip
2. The Onset
3. Tragic Mandarin Love Story
4. Eyes Smeared with the Ointment of Love
5. Neither Sun, Nor Moon, Nor Electricty
6. Darkness and Gardens of Steel
7. Dress Circle Seats for Creation
8. Blowing Through the Mansion of a 1930s Films Star
9. Happy Endings

Ashes block out the sun

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  1. gettin a kind of "Buddy Jesus" feeling from that cover haha