Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Avsolutized... - Den Svarta Våndans Genealogi (2008)

Japanese depressive black metal. Musically, it's a goddamn riff-fest, but the truly bizarre, psychotic vocals -- which include low growls, high-pitched howls, midrange rasps, whimpers, whispers, and fully belted out quasi-operatic singing --  really steal the show. I definitely appreciate their cover of Setherial's "My Veins Are Open", a song that was released as a bonus track on a compilation of demos. Very kult of them.

Track listing:
1. Det Tysta Fallet
2. An Everlasting Circulation of Void
3. My Veins Are Open [Setherial cover]
4. A Lament for You There
5. Utan Död...

My blood, a key to their door

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  1. Japanese DSBM with a Danish album title? I am sold already.

  2. "Towards...You There" is a fucking masterpiece. This band features the super versatile/insane vocalist of one of my personal favorites: Arkha Sva.

  3. Sounds fascinating--but the link is fucked again. Re-re-up? Thanking you in advance!