Thursday, August 25, 2016

Lucia Hwong - House of Sleeping Beauties (1985)

Beautiful, dynamic sounds from American composer Lucia Hwong. She is better known for her Broadway scores, but Hwong's solo albums explore a unique fusion of synth-driven new age and stately, reflective Chinese classical.

Track listing:
1. Tibet Suite: In the Dream, Part 1
2. Tibet Suite: In the Dream, Part 2
3. Tibet Suite: Journey to Lhasa
4. Tibet Suite: Children of Johkan Temple
5. Tibet Suite: Sunset Over Sakya
6. Tibet Suite: Everest at Sunrise
7. Tibet Suite: Himalayan Twilight
8. Tibet Suite: Reflections Lunar Light
9. Virgin Dance
10. Midnight Lullaby
11. Dragon Dance
12. The Spell

Secret luminescence

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  1. Got this one years back by recommendation of a hifi mag.
    Sounds traditional japanese/chinese, loved it on long drives.
    Yours. Hermann

  2. Great stuff! Thank you a lot!

  3. Any chance there could be a re-up?