Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Maskull - Maskull (1997)

A total gem of low-budget, synth-driven, outsider darkwave with a croaking ghoul of a vocalist who sounds like he's constantly on the verge of either tears or death; think a more fully goth Xiu Xiu. There's very little information to be found on this project -- this article for Dangerous Minds is as rich a source as I've found, and it's pretty much just a glowing retrospective review that mentions that Maskull is a one-man LA-based project by some dude named Troy Maskull who may or may not be dead now -- but maybe bizarro projects like this are better without context.

Track listing:
1. Hollywood Gypsy
2. 2000 AD
3. Passenger in Time
4. In a Paradise
5. Sacred
6. Working Hard for Your Love
7. Dream City
8. Fantasy
9. Potion of Love
10. To Be or Not to Be

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  1. Wow! Nuts vocal style. Reminds me in a way of 90s dancehall DJ Snagga Puss. That's a good thing... I think.

  2. jesus. holy crap. etc. Imagine this live.........I can't

  3. "Passenger in time" could be OMD or the PS Boys. But it's not. Maskull kickz ass.
    I loved it.
    Thank you great Blogcaptain.