Saturday, October 2, 2021

Nate Young - Blinding Confusion (2013)

Creepy-ass sounds from Michigan artist Nate Young. Somewhere adjacent to synthwave or dungeon synth, but too dissonant/experimental/singular to fall in with either one. If synthwave is the Winkie’s, Nate Young is the evil hobo behind the dumpster.

Track listing:
1. Forever Day
2. Beneath the Mist
3. When Nothing Works
4. Worlds Behind
5. Escape with Nothing
6. Only Fallen Heads
7. Between
8. The Bastard Gums

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  1. Always nice to hear someone that appreciates Mullholand Drive, and that scene especially, the way I do. And just a thank you for what you do here. I check in every night as part of my rituals. Always things I love or am excited to learn about.