Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Witches - 3.4.1 (1994)

Ripping, fantastical, progressive French thrash. The band's ambitious songwriting is balanced by decidedly unadorned production and frontwoman Sibylle Colin-Tocquaine's hoarse howls, which give the whole thing a raw, almost crusty veneer.

Track listing:
1. Horror Museum
2. Crystal
3. Mirror of Memories
4. Black Sorcerer
5. And Then Came the White Lords
6. High History
7. Three Heroes...
8. ...For One Goal
9. The Eye
10. Lords of the Precious
11. Wind of Time
12. Eternal Heroes
13. Cod Name Experiments

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  1. oops; Dark Angel link also leads to Witches at Mega

  2. never heard of this band prior to today, now read about them on two completely unrelated websites. strange.