Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Siebenbürgen - Delictum (2000)


Epic, melodic, vampyric Swedish black metal. Three albums in, Siebenbürgen were clearly ready to polish things up a bit. However, despite sporting an album cover that practically screams Euro-metal cheese, Delictum doesn't exactly find them abandoning their true black metal roots -- it's just tighter, more thoughtfully composed, and overall more produced-sounding than their previous records. It's also pretty much inarguably their best.

Track listing:
1. Delictum
2. Majesties Infernal
3. Storms
4. Thou Blessed Be by Night
5. As of Sin
6. Levande Begravd
7. Thy Sister Thee Crimson Wed
8. Opacitas (Queen of the Dark)
9. A Dream of Scarlet Nights
10. Oculus Malus / Animal (Fuck Like a Beast) [secret song]

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  1. You know the lead singer of Aghast, Andrea Nebel Meyer Haugen passed away in the Kongsberg bow and arrow attack! 😓