Thursday, October 7, 2021

The Arms of Someone New - Susan Sleepwalking (1985)

Enveloping, lo-fi sounds that land somewhere between a minimal, narcotized take on jangle rock, dream pop, early Cure, and ethereal darkwave. Metronome-like beats, chiming guitars, simple keyboard lines, and reverb-drenched vocals. Quiet appropriately, Susan Sleepwalking was eventually reissued by Projekt. This one's pretty new to me and I seriously can't recommend it highly enough.

Track listing:
1. St. Catherine
2. The Fisherman
3. Song for Krista
4. With Louise
5. The Turning
6. Seven Days from Now
7. Karen Said
8. Rainbows
9. Susan Slept Here
10. A Turner Sky

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  1. Thanx - sounds perfect for this cloudy lonely afternoon

  2. Always loved this band. One of Woody Dumas' bands from C'est la Mort days.

    Modeled after UKs 4AD, C'est la Mort released a number of albums influential to the Gothic & dream pop genres. Associated bands included: East Ash & Room Nine, who only appeared on C la M; bands such as Beautiful Pea Green Boat, Heavenly Bodies, The Arms of Someone New, & Area that went on to record for Third Mind & have seen re-release by Projekt on their Archive series.

    There is more over at my blog on a C'est la Mort mega post:

    Every Seventh Wave & Promise are both available there

    1. Whoa, thanks for the heads-up, lots to dig into there! I came to this band via Area, but I don't think I've heard any of the others.

  3. Stunned that this album is new to me, it's really fantastic. Thus far the mood (the atmosphere, not *exactly* the instrumentation) reminds me of some of Warren Defever's work - I love H.N.I.A. and all of Defever's projects so this is the best surprise. Even if I'm the only person who would make such a connection. -Regards