Friday, October 15, 2021

Nmesh - Absolut Hell (2004)

Dark electronic abstractions from American musician Alex Koenig. A 1-hour-19-minute, acid-addled bad trip through ghostly clouds of synth, anxious rhythms, sputtering glitch, blasts of harsh noise, dark voids of drone, disembodied voices, car alarms, and other aural panic-inducers. Apparently Koenig used to play in metal bands, and although there's nothing specifically metal about this, it shows.

Track listing:
1. Remember the Old Farm, the Treehouse
2. Monk Blotter
3. Car Bomb (Up-Down)
4. Winston Eats Zab Zoober
5. Trilogy of Acid (Part I)
6. Trilogy of Acid (Part II)
7. Trilogy of Acid (Part III)
8. The Red Barn
9. Moonsick (Version 3)
10. La Romana Dectara Ingergio
11. What Lurks in the Catacombs
12. Ancient Blotter
13. The Feast
14. Float Nighttime Garage
15. A Rainbow Descending into Hell
16. Dysorea
17. Mad Cow Disease
18. Black Ocean
19. Fallen
20. Morphine Can't Ease the Pain You're Feeling
21. The Void
22. The Great Depression

If you're for some reason trying to continue feeling like this, try:


  1. Thanks. I live somewhere in the North East of France, receiving the bewitching oscillation of your long-distance signal. This one kind of reminded me of Gridlock, at least the Geist of his best albums (The Synthetic Form and Formless, probably). But you may already know him.

  2. Never heard of this artist so just finished listening to a track on youtube - from an album 13 years later than Absolut Hell but as an introduction it was very fine; an uneasy, trippy piece with a slowed Yello sample (Ohhhh Yeah) as well as a spot of En Vogue, ha. A dark stew it seems, thus I'm looking forward to your generous post -- thanks D.S.