Sunday, October 3, 2021

Spire - Spire (2010

An excellent EP of drugged-out Australian atmospheric black metal. Somewhat in the realm of fellow countrymen Midnight Odyssey, with whom they have a split, and a touch of the ghostly sounds of other fellow countrymen Moon. And maybe it's the guitar tone, or the vocal effects, or I don't know what, but there's just a hint of something synthetic/industrial in there. Ultimately, though, it's really not that deep; it's just really great ambient black metal. From here, they'd flesh out their sound considerably, and it's all great, but this EP feels special to me.

Track listing:
1. Gum Twelve
2. Unknown
3. Ci Zerozero Twentyfour
4. M Thirty One
5. NGC Five Four Two Six and NGC Five Four Two Seven
6. Star Trails
7. Cassini

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