Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Jane Siberry - The Walking (1987)

The Walking is a truly strange record. Not only is the music itself a virtual labyrinth of knotty verses, muttering asides, new-age-y sap, lyrical surrealism, and big, extended pop hooks, there's a real cognitive dissonance to hearing such progressive, avant-garde music employing pillowy, keyboard-saturated, radio-ready 80's production. No one seemed to care much for it when it first came out -- this was reflected in Siberry's choice to severely rein in her progressive tendencies from here on out, cementing The Walking as an outlier in her discography -- but it's always been my favorite of hers. Most of you will probably not like this, but just a few of you might love it. And it's my goddamn birthday.

Track listing:
1. The White Tent the Raft
2. Red High Heels
3. Goodbye
4. Ingrid and the Footman
5. Lena Is a White Table
6. The Walking (And Constantly)
7. The Lobby
8. The Bird in the Gravel

Well, maybe she should go to school
No, no
She's a table



  2. Happy Birthday! Stay weird ;)

  3. I am a fan. Her catalogue never did fit between the lines... wonderfully so.

  4. Yeah, I have her 80's album The Speckless Sky and her 90's record I'm a Boy, and they're nothing like this. Was anyone else initially drawn to her cuz she did the song in "The Crow"? I know I was.

    1. My dad tells me that I liked this record when I was really young, but my first memory of listening to Jane Siberry is definitely that song on the Crow soundtrack! Also the first I had heard of Medicine and RATM.

  5. Went into this with a good deal of trepidation, only to find i like it very much. If she only had engaged in some more Shelley Hirsch styled extended vocals, I could really love it. Thank you for this one, and all the other great stuff here.