Sunday, October 2, 2016

Brocken Moon - Mondfinsternis (2005)

German lo-fi depressive black metal with agonized vocals, repetitive (but not overly so) songs, blown-out guitars, and often sloppy performances. An utterly bleak record that'll make for the perfect soundtrack to your next cutting session.

Track listing:
1. Die Einsamkeit Meiner Seele
2. Schattenwelt
3. Das Das Tränenmeer
4. Mein Herz Voller Hass
5. Vollmond
6. Klagelied des Letzten Wolfes
7. Astralwanderung

Funeral winds beckon my return

More miserable music:
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Veins (2006)
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Humana Fragilitas (2010)

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